Saturday, June 21, 2014

They are ready to use_스티로폼 박스와 인조잔디_가변설치_2014

They are ready to use_styrofoam boxes and artificial turf_variable installation_2014


조립된 휴식-1인용 우주_장지에 아크릴과 핸드프린팅_130cm×192cm_2014

An assembled vacation-A planet for private use_Acrylic and hand printing on korean paper_130cm×`92cm_2014

조립된 휴식-폭포_장지에 아크릴과 핸드프린팅_130cm×324cm_2014

An assembled vacation-Waterfall_Acrylic and hand printing on korean paper_130cm×324cm_2014

조립된 휴식-오로라_장지에 아크릴_162cm×130cm_2014

An assembled vacation-Northern lights_acrylic on korean paper_162cm×130cm_2014


조립된 휴식-불꽃놀이_장지에 아크릴과 핸드프린팅_91cm×73cm_2014

An assembled vacation-Fireworks_Acrylic and hand printing on korean paper_91cm×73cm_2014


조립된 휴식-벚꽃놀이_장지에 아크릴과 핸드프린팅_91cm×73cm_2014

An assembled vacation-Springtime_Acrylic and hand printing on korean paper_91cm×73cm_2014

빙하×2병_유리병에 석고, 왁스와 안료_각 13cm×ø10cm_2014

Glaciers×2 jars_plaster casts, wax and pigments in glass jars_13cm×ø10cm_2014